Reliable Recall- Come when Called

Recall: v. officially order (someone) to return to a place.  In terms of dog training a recall is teaching your dog to come to you when you call them.


The Recall Game!!

Rules to the Game:

Always use come to do something wonderful for the dog- treats, petting,

going for a walk, a fun play session. Do not use come if you are going to

punish the dog or do something unpleasant, like clip his nails.

Use come if you are 100% sure your puppy will come to you. If you are

calling your puppy to bring him inside from playing, to trim nails or for

generally anything you know he is not going to be happy with, use the cue

“Let’s Go”. Come and let’s go mean exactly the same thing “come to you”,

the only difference is how you use them.

Tips for the Game:

-Always be excited and lavish with praise and use the best rewards for this exercise.

-Always use a happy, excited voice, even if he has been ignoring you for hours and he finally came to you.

-When you begin to practice outside use a long leash to ensure your dog can’t run away.

-Never chase him! What a great game when he runs out the door! If I run my owner chases be down the street, oh what fun!!

Game time (aka Practice):

Practice several times a day; the more you practice the more reliable the

behavior will be.

1. Have a family member or friend gently hold the dog.

2. Show him the treat in your hand and be very excited about it.

3. Walk across the room and say “come” in a very happy excited voice.

Only say the cue once!

4. Have the family member let go of the dog and he should run right to you. If he doesn’t come running right to you, you’ll need to be more exciting. Try smellier treats, happier tone of voice, some dancing around excitedly.

5. Encourage him to come all the way to you and when he does, say “YES”, give him the treat and tell him he is the best dog ever. Praise, praise, praise, praise, praise! and then praise some more!

6. Once he comes to you consistently, begin asking for him to Sit in front of you when you cue him to come. Initially we just want him to think the come game is the best thing ever! Once he loves the game and is playing it consistently add in the auto-sit when he gets to you.