Meet The Trainers

Positive reinforcement, science based, force-free dog training is about establishing a communication system between the dog and owner. In the past, the foundation of this communication was based on the avoidance of pain – i.e. leash corrections, choke chains, shock collars. etc. The emphasis was on what the dog did wrong. Much has changed in the past thirty years. By using the principles of operant and classical conditioning – psychological principles that underlay the behavior of all sentient being including humans – the focus has shifted to what the dog does right. By rewarding the behavior we like with food, toys, play, affection, exercise and anything else the dog loves, these desirable behaviors increase in frequency. Likewise by ignoring, managing and preventing the behaviors we don’t like, the undesirable behaviors decrease in frequency. Not only is this scientific approach extremely effective, it’s also much more fun for the dog and handler!

We train by the rules: No Pain, No Force, No Fear

Head Trainer- Amanda Burger


Amanda has been training professionally for over 12 years in the Orlando area. She is highly educated in animal behavior and training with the following credentials:

Certified Professional Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assessed, Certified Family Paws Parent Educator, Certified Low Stress Handling, Certified Trick Dog Instructor, Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

In her free time Amanda enjoys competing in Agility with her dogs, volunteering with local animal rescues and fostering homeless pets.