Intro to K9 Nosework

Have you ever wanted to try K9 Nosework, but weren’t sure where to get started? Then this class is for you! Entry-level dogs and handlers will learn to work together by teaching dogs to search independently for food or toys (dogs will not be started on odor in this class). Dogs will learn to search confidently and independently for their reward. Handlers will learn to read their dog’s searching behaviors and find out more about the benefits of K9 Nosework. 

Class prerequisite: a dog, some patience and a good sense of humor.

Classes are held @Woof! Orlando

Next Class Start Date:

Wednesday, January 18th at 7pm

Class is limited to six dog and handler teams. All dogs that are not working must be crated or waiting in a vehicle until it is their turn to search. This is a six-week class. Class one is an orientation session for handlers only (no dogs). Classes two through six will focus on developing dog and handler skills. Class is led by a K9 Nosework PNWI. 

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* Please check vaccine requirements for this class before registering!