Advance Manners (with Canine Good Citizen)

Our Advanced Manners Class is for students who have already completed our Basic Manners Class or a basic obedience class. This class helps you take it to the next level with your dog. Create a flawless stay or transition to off leash walking with easy.  We also go through the coursework for AKC’s Canine Good Citizen program and offer a certification test for those that have fully completed the class. You and your dog can expect to excel at:


  • Stays (Distance and Duration)
  • Walking in Heel Position
  • Reliable Recalls (with Distractions and Distance)
  • Obedience Front, Finish (left and right), Advanced turning, Halts and more!

Next start date:

Advanced Level 1: Canine Good Citizen

Saturday, January 11th @ 12:00 noon at Paws Abound

Advanced Level 2: Community Canine



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