Rainy Day Fun!

Don’t let the rainy days get you or your pup down! Play some of these great indoor rainy day games to keep their minds stimulated.


Food Dispensing Toys- Food dispensing toys are invaluable boredom busters. While rubber Kongs are classic toys and can be stuffed with a great variety of treats and tasties, in the last few years the food dispensing toy market has greatly expanded and there are lots of new and exciting products available. Nina Ottosson has a fantastic line of durable puzzle toys which are dishwasher safe and feature a number of difficulty levels. A less expensive (and slightly less durable) alternative is the newly available Aikiou toy. Other options include: Kong wobbler, Kibble Nibble, Busy Buddy toys, Orbee Treat Spot toys, Tug-a-Jugs, and Buster Cubes.

Kibble Hunt – You can put that food to work for you by making the dogs hunt for it with their nose. Instead of dumping the food in his bowl, consider crating him while you hide small piles of food in the house then release him to “kibble hunt.” Initially, make the piles very easy to find. As your dog gets better at this game, practice hiding the food in more difficult spots.

Tug and Fetch – Tug and fetch are classic dog games that do not require a lot of room. Hallways tend to be great for fetch games, and tug can be played virtually anywhere.

Blow bubbles!- Dogs love trying to pop them. If you want you can tell the dog to “wait.” give a release command & then let them go for it. When they’ve popped them all, ask the dog come sit by your side & start all over again.

Stand on a chair to get maximum bubble-height!

Play soccer– using a soccer ball, jolly ball or basketball.

Water Bottle Hockey: Drop some kibble in a couple of water bottles, screw on the

caps and let dog have a fun and rowdy hockey game.