Board-N-Train: “Doggie Boarding School”


This program is our version of “doggie boarding school” but we like to think of it more like a fun camp for your dog to learn how to be a well behaved, responsive and fun companion. Our Board-N-Train Program can focus on specific “problem behaviors” and/or general obedience and good manners. In short, just being a good member of the household.

What makes our program different?

As always our methods are 100% force free and positive reinforcement based! Unlike other boarding and training programs out there, we will not put a shock collar on your dog, EVER! We get results by teaching your dog what you’d like them to do and make those things what your dog wants to do! So not only is your furry friend a well behaved pup, but they are loving every minute of it! It’s a win-win for dogs and their humans.

Unlike the other boot-camp type training programs out there, your dog is not kept in a kennel throughout the day and brought out from time to time. Your dog will live with one of our trainers 24/7 and received the most individualized attention possible. Your pup will spend their “off hours” (those times when they aren’t training) playing and socializing with other pups and learning mentally challenging games and puzzles! And when they’re not out romping with their friends they’re learning new skills and good manners! Not only will your pup have structured training exercises each day, they will also have hours of social interaction and play with other dogs. This is something we believe is invaluable in our program!

Does it work!?

We have great success with our Board-N-Train Program! We think we have created training success ‘above and beyond’ the traditional “doggie boot camp” type programs. But you don’t have to take our word for it! Read some client testimonies OR ask us for a list of references of clients that have completed the Board-N-Train Program!

Client testimony:

“I placed both my pit bull dogs in Every Dog as its Day board and train program. Both my dogs have had absolutely amazing results. I cannot thank Amanda enough for the obedience my dogs have learned from her. My older dog was a rescue and with some very rude habits. Amanda has broken her of these habits and has instilled in her to be polite and obedient. My younger dog is also a rescue but still a puppy and she has taught him to be a very well behaved boy. Both dogs have great skills and walk well on their leash. The board and train program has been worth every last dime spent.  I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to have a well-behaved dog with great manners. They also learned tricks during their time with her, which I would have never been able to teach them. Thanks so much Amanda. You’re da bomb!!!!!!!!”

Board-N-Train Package Options

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Head of the Class

2 weeks Board-n-Train in a trainer’s home or at Woof! Orlando, 2 in home sessions

V.I.P. (Very Important Pup) Board-N-Train

3 weeks Board-N-Train in Head Trainer’s home, 2 in home sessions

*We do not take aggressive dogs or dogs with extreme fears and anxiety in our Board-N-Train Program. We are always happy to assist you with Behavior Modification for your fearful, anxious or aggressive dog outside of the Board-N-Train Program through private sessions.