Puppy Socialization and Manners Online Course

Our amazing Puppy Socialization and Manners Course now in an online, self paced format! You get all the great content from our renowned puppy trainers as well as safe socialization activities to do at home. This self paced course allows you to go a pace that is comfortable for you and your puppy! Need some extra time with training? Great! Take all the time you need! Have  a superstar learner? Move forward as quickly as you'd like. You'll get live access to our trainers once a week to ask questions and get help with training via Zoom.

This class focuses on creating a strong foundation of manners and training to help prevent those unwanted behaviors in the future. As well as helping you to create ideal socialization experiences  to insure your puppy will grow up to be a more confident and easy-going dog. A puppy's socialization period lasts from approximately 7 to 16 weeks of age. During this time, a puppy develops the seek-avoidance blueprint she will use for the rest of her life when encountering novel items. Since fear is the underlying emotion for most forms of aggression in dogs, this class is designed to help you expose your pup to as many environmental factors as possible in a safe and fun way. By forming a strong association with novelties (the scary new things) and good stuff (i.e. play, treats, & affection) during this critical period, you are helping to insure your puppy will grow up to be a more confident and easy-going dog.

Module 1 Lesson One
Unit 1 How Dogs Think and Learn
Unit 2 Getting Ready to Train!
Unit 3 Mouthing and Chewing
Unit 4 Chew THIS not THAT! A puppy Kongaholic
Unit 5 Socialization
Unit 6 Name Recognition
Unit 7 Sit
Unit 8 Positive Interrupter
Unit 9 Puppy Massage and Handling
Unit 10 Things to remember!!!
Unit 11 Lesson One Live Video
Module 2 Lesson Two
Unit 1 Preventing and Breaking Bad Habits
Unit 2 Potty / House Training
Unit 3 Adding Verbal Cue to Sit
Unit 4 Down or Lay Down
Unit 5 Come and Let's Go
Unit 6 The Choice Game/ Leave It: Stage 1
Unit 7 Socialization Activity #2
Unit 8 Lesson Two Live Video
Module 3 Lesson Three
Unit 1 Adding the Verbal Cue to Down
Unit 2 Activity: Puppy Push Ups!
Unit 3 Preventing Jumping Up- Polite Greetings with People
Unit 4 The Choice Game / Leave It: Stage 2
Unit 5 Starting Stay / Duration in behavior
Unit 6 Socialization Activity #3
Unit 7 Lesson Three Live Recording
Module 4 Lesson Four
Unit 1 Exercise
Unit 2 Canine Enrichment
Unit 3 Recall: TAG you're it!
Unit 4 Loose Leash Walking
Unit 5 The Choice Game / Leave It: Stage 3
Unit 6 Socialization Activity #4
Unit 7 Lesson 4 Live Recording
Module 5 Lesson Five
Unit 1 Appropriate Puppy Play
Unit 2 Dog Language Guide
Unit 3 Look/ Watch Me
Unit 4 The Choice Game/ Leave It: Stage 4
Unit 5 WAIT! Step One: The Hors d'oeuvres Game
Unit 6 Loose Leash Walking: Step 2
Unit 7 Socialization Activity #4
Module 6 Lesson Six
Unit 1 Puppy Attention Spans and Motivation **
Unit 2 Building Focus and Attention
Unit 3 Distractions
Unit 4 Hand Targeting
Unit 5 Activity: Running Recalls
Unit 6 WAIT: Step Two *
Unit 7 Relax/ Settle *