Teaching a puppy to respond to their name.


Name Recognition- Teach your puppy to respond to their name and pay attention to you.

Teaching your dog their name is such a valuable step in the training process. A dog that not only knows their name but responds to it positively and gives you their full attention can then be taught a variety of behaviors. Think of your puppy’s name as a cue for them to not only pay attention and look at you but to LISTEN to what comes next. For instance: “Fido, come!” or “Fido, drop it”. This is an invaluable first step in their training.

At least 10 times a day, in several different locations, say your dogs name.

1. When he looks at you, say YES! The moment he does and show him the treat when he gets to you reward with a treat.

2. If he does not look at you do not repeat his name. Pause for 5-10 seconds and try again or make a silly sound.

3. Eventually, start requiring him to find you when you say his name. If you are unable to get him away from you toss a piece of kibble across the room walk in the opposite direction then say his name.

Always make his name something positive! Don’t use it to discipline or reprimand.

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