Choosing a new apartment with Fido

The Top 3 Apartment Amenities for Your Furry Friends


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If you are a renter beginning your search for a new apartment, there are inevitably many questions to be had and decisions to be made. From location and number of bedrooms, down to types of flooring and availability of parking, you know that you must make the best decision for their lifestyle. The overall process requires thought and planning, but the idea of a fresh start in a new place keeps it exciting.


Unfortunately, when many renters get wrapped up in this excitement, there is one thought that is far too often overlooked in lieu of a cheaper price tag or extra amenity. Your pet has his or her own lifestyle that needs to be taken into account.


For renters who currently own pets or are considering getting one, it is imperative to think about how life at your new apartment community will affect your four-legged family member. For example, if your Fido is used to running around in a backyard all day, you should consider a community with ample space and greenspace for your furry friend to explore. Bringing a pet to a new environment can cause a great deal of stress to a dog’s psyche, especially for already anxious dogs. Even more important to consider, be absolutely sure that any communities you are considering are indeed pet-friendly and that your pet meets their breed and weight restrictions before signing your lease.


The good news is that there are many pet friendly apartments in Orlando that make life with your pet simple and all of the negatives avoidable. When searching for your new apartment, add pet amenities to your list of must-haves. For more information, read about the top three pet amenities below. Fido will thank you later.


  1. Dog Parks

Intricate dog parks are popping up at apartment communities all over Orlando. They feature different structural stimuli in the form of obstacles for pets to go in, on, under, over, and anything else they can figure out how to do. Think of children’s playground, but lower to the ground. In addition to much appreciated exercise, your dogs will also be able to socialize with others in the neighborhood (this is especially important for puppies!). Who knows, they may even find a forever best friend!


  1. Pet Clean Up Stations

Pet clean up stations are a lifesaver. Not only do they keep the community clean, they keep you from having to tote around soiled baggies until the end of a walk. Many of them also include bags and are located in various areas of a community. Cleaning up has never been so simple!


  1. Dog Wash Area

Having a designated dog wash is more useful than some would think. Some regular outside hoses at communities are too pressurized for pets since they are meant for washing cars. Also, have you ever tried to wash a dog in an apartment bathtub? Assuredly, it is not without a struggle and a soaked floor. Having a specific area in your community to wash your pet eliminates these hardships and keeps your pet (and floor) happy and clean.


After searching for apartments with some or all of these great amenities, take it a step further for your pet. Take a tour! Pay attention to little details. Does the office have treats out for community dogs? Are current residents and their pets using the dog park? Is there a lot of room to walk around? No matter what, do your best to make your search as much about Fido as it is about yourself. That will ensure a happy human and a happy dog.

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