About Woof! Orlando:


About Woof! Orlando

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Boarding-A Home Away from Home: The Woof! Orlando dog boarding experience is all about providing your dog with companionship, comfort and security. Days are spent socializing with other dogs in all-day Playcare groups matched to compliment your pet’s personality, breed, size and energy level. If your dog’s temperament precludes group play, there still will be lots of running, jumping, and playtime with our staff members.

Evenings include a late-night walk and potty break. Soft, melodic music will soothe your dog during down time.

Woof! Orlando Playcare is a dog’s dream come true. No waiting around for the humans to return from a long day at work or people play.

Playcare for dogs is3282342701_b79cf7cb8b stimulating and tiring, too, in that good way — the kind of tired that comes from a day well-spent in adventure with other dogs running, jumping, sniffing and rolling around just for the joy of it.

Our indoor playground has special, eco-friendly cushioned flooring designed to protect pounding paws during supervised playtime. Toys and obstacle course features add to the fun. Outdoors fenced, grassy playgrounds complete the experience.