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Train to Adopt



We are very excited to announce the start of our Train to Adopt Program! NOW taking applications!!

Our Train to Adopt Program invites 5 foster families to participate in the rehabilitation and training of a shelter dog. Each of the families and dogs are pre-screened and matched based on compatibility. This is a 5 week program in which the families and dogs participate in weekly group training classes geared toward creating a great foundation of communication, impulse control, manners and socialization for the shelter dog. The ultimate goal is to have a dog ready to go to a forever home with a great start in becoming a well mannered canine.  The program will be opened every 8 weeks to a new set of shelter dogs and foster families.

If you, your rescue or someone you know would like to participate in the next round of our Train to Adopt Program, please email us for more information.

Train to Adopt Dogs:

Each of these happy pups are available for adoption through local rescues once they have completed our program. Please follow the links for each dog if you are interested in adopting.



Positive training for the everyday dog!