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WOOF!The Barky Dog Series: Attention or Demand Barking

A series about dog barking, how to stop barking, why dogs bark and much more. One of the most problematic behaviors a dog does naturally is bark. We commonly hear dog owners complain that their dog barks at them all day, barks at other dogs, barks in their crate or barks at the front door. […]

Why doesn’t my dog listen to me?

Why doesn’t my dog listen?                                                                  My dog just ignores me! Why doesn’t my dog mind? My dog won’t listen to me! My dog […]

Puppy biting! OUCH!

How do I stop my puppy from biting me?!!? Dogs use their mouths to explore the world. It is very common and natural for young dogs to chew everything in sight, often including your hands and feet. If your dog is mouthy like this, it does not mean he is destructive or aggressive. He is […]

Who rescued who? How to rescue a dog before it ends up in a shelter.

In the world of animal rescue we commonly hear the phrase “Who rescued who?”, this poignant play on words suggests that the pets we have rescued have in turn rescued us. I do not disagree with this phrase, in fact, I proudly boast a bumper sticker saying exactly that. Though in my years of rescue […]

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