per day doggie daycare and training  


This option is for those pups that want to add a little more mental stimulation to their day! Dog’s enjoy a fun day of playcare at one of Orlando’s best boarding and daycare facilities, Woof! Orlando and are trained by our Head Trainer, Amanda (Pingston) Burger, during the day. This package is a great option to brush up on manners and training skills as well as work on eliminating problem behaviors. It’s also a great addition to new puppy socialization! Your puppy gets to meet and play with new dogs in a safe and controlled environment and they also get to learn new skills! Not to mention pups go home physically and mentally exhausted at the end of the day; so owners get a calm, peaceful evening with their furry companion.

This package includes:

  • Video updates of training sessions
  • “What I learned at camp!” information packet with breakdowns of all behaviors learned
  • Unlimited follow up emails/phone calls for the life of the dog

Gold Star Play-N-Learn Cost:              $101/day       2 training sessions per day

Silver Star Play-N-Learn Cost:          $66/day        1 training session per day



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